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#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box


#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box

8 ways to earn money online

Allllright, let’s talk how you can start making a living and live location independent!

In this article, I’m gonna talk more about 8 possibilities to earn money digitally so you can quit the job that keeps you on one location and start living your dream life.

Ps. Big disclaimer here: I’m not telling working for a company on a certain fixed location is a bad thing. NOT AT ALL. Don’t get me wrong here. I have total respect for the way anyone wants to live their life. Living a location independent lifestyle is a dream that came true FOR US, but that doesn’t mean that’s a dream for everyone else. Of course, it isn’t and that’s perfectly fine. There’s no right or wrong here.

But if you feel you want something else with your life and/or you want to see more of this beautiful world, then the blog posts I’m writing here might be your next step towards a location independent lifestyle. The ways to earn a living online are listed in no particular order by the way. Here we go!

#1 Teach a language you master

Ever thought about the fact you can teach your native language (or another language you speak fluently) to somebody else? Worried your grammar rules aren’t on point? No worries, there are different levels of teaching, sometimes people just want to practice speaking a language and you could perfectly do that online too. You can just easily sign up on one of the many platforms (like Fiverr.com or Takelessons.com) that are out there already. You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself. You create your profile and you’re ready to teach!

#2 Virtual coaching/tutoring

Do you have any skills you can help others with? Next to teaching a language, you can teach or tutor others with so many things online these days! You just need a Skype connection (or even a Whatsapp video call) to connect with your student or client and you’re good to go. You can teach about anything; a school subject (I remember my extra classes to keep up with math and French when I was at high school, oh boy!), an instrument and/or music classes, personal training or any skill or activity that could use some extra motivation and coaching from you towards the other person. Pretty cool, right!?

#3 Remote work for a company

Newsflash! Many more companies nowadays are becoming more and more flexible and even prefer remote workers as their employees! So if you’re not up for a new business adventure or working as a freelancer then this is something for you! Whether you’re looking for a customer support job, sales, marketing, software developing, legal, admin, design,… Everything is possible! Where to start? Well, Google is your best friend again of course. Google ‘remote job + marketing’ or ‘remote job + developer’ or ‘remote job + sales’ or whatever specialty you have or would like to find a job in. A quick search for this blog post led me to the website ‘Working Nomads‘ and I already see the immense diversity of jobs, specialties or niches on there. So this is fantastic if you’d like to keep working for a company.

#4 Become a Freelancer or VA

Don’t want to run your own business and create your own methods, products and/or courses? You rather support entrepreneurs and make their lives easier? Perfect! Why don’t you become a freelancer and offer your services online? Think customer support, marketing, social media, content creation, admin,… the list is endless. Another option is to become a VA. “A vee what?!” A VA is the abbreviation for Virtual Assistant. That means you support someone completely virtually. You can offer your services as a VA in a certain niche (like being the best Pinterest manager the world has ever known!) or you can be a jack of all trades and implement all kinds of (little or big) tasks for your client. This can be anything, from travel planning, personal shopping (online ;-)), data entry, email support to calendar management, scheduling content on social media platforms, email marketing, etc… The list is endless because whichever job needs to be done, you, as a VA (and/or freelancer) can help!

#5 Become a social media influencer

Do you have something to share? This can be your opinion, a certain skill you’re (getting) really good in, your knowledge about something, your beautiful travel footage & experiences,… Well, perhaps you can start your online career becoming a social media influencer!! Yes, that’s a thing these days! So great news if you want to be insta-famous or a Youtuber! And no worries, you don’t need hundreds of thousands followers because brands appreciate the ‘micro-influencers’ (between 1000 and 50.000 followers) more and more because their following is way more authentic and engaging than the online celebrities nowadays with hundreds of thousands followers.

#6 Make money by trading your money online / online stock trading

Online trading is simply buying and selling assets through a brokerage’s internet-based proprietary trading platforms. … Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, futures, and currencies can all be traded online. Also known as e-trading or self-directed investing. I don’t know a lot about it but I wanted to share it with you since I’ve heard people doing this online to earn money. I’ll let you do further research if you’re interested. I do have some interesting reads for you I would like to recommend if you want to develop your knowledge around money and your money IQ. Definitely read ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and ‘Unshakeable’ by Tony Robbins.

#7 Combine online with offline!

This is for you when you really like the idea of being location independent but you still want to work with people face to face. Well, you could decide to combine working online with offline work of course! Plan your trips around the world and still get in touch with your clients during your live workshops! They don’t have to be on the same destination, you can offer interesting workshops or retreats all over the world! Sounds interesting, right? Think about it… do you see yourself sharing with your friends that you’ll be hosting a workshop/retreat in Morocco in April, Thailand in July, Canada in September and Costa Rica in January? Not too bad, right?

#8 Become an Online Business Owner / Digital Entrepreneur

Yessss this is my jam! I’ve saved the best for lest (if you ask me!).
Become an online business owner or a digital entrepreneur that offers online courses & products. Why I’m such a fan of this business model? Well, you can share your knowledge about something in the form of a digital product (like an ebook, a pdf document, a 1-3 hour video training,…) or a digital course (where you offer several videos and/or modules to help your client solve a problem and get them from A to B).

Instead of sharing the same process over and over again with clients face to face (where you probably charge an hourly rate), you can use your time wisely and create a digital product or course once and then offer it to your target audience and sell it so they can take advantage of your knowledge. This way you can leverage your knowledge, time AND income. You can even offer them the self-study course (where your client goes through the course by themselves), but you could also add the option to offer group coaching in, for example, a Facebook group or an online community platform. So don’t think you won’t have any connection with your clients anymore when you start your business as a digital entrepreneur!

And the fantastic news is… You can start a business online in ANYTHING. Well, almost anything of course. Because if you’re a doctor a surgery would get a little tricky online, although in that case you can also use your knowledge and turn it into an online course. Because for many professions, there is an ‘out of the box’ solution. Like for example, you might think you can’t be location independent because you are a physical therapist and you’ll have to treat your patients when they come to your practice. True, you can’t perform your excellent techniques to solve pain your patient is having. But you could still use your profession and knowledge to create an online course where you teach people techniques and exercises they can do to get stronger and/or prevent a certain pain.

So, either you start your own online business with the skills & degrees you already have and, if even needed, think of an out of the box solution for you to offer a digital product or course around it. Orrrr… make it happen anyway and make a list of all the things that you’re interested in, even if you don’t know anything about it yet. Because if you want something really badly, you can study ANYTHING via Google, Youtube and… ONLINE COURSES!

Yaaaaaay! Remember in this case you don’t need to have a master’s degree to teach somebody else something. The bottom line is: if you know more about a topic or subject than somebody else (aka your audience and/or clients), well then you’re an expert to them, keep that in mind!

Of course, there are even more ways to make money online, but I hope these 8 ways I mentioned in this article really inspired you to think about your possibilities. If you liked the last one, becoming an online business owner, then you’ve gotta stick around and join my Freedompreneur tribe!

Let me know which one sounds the most appealing to you right now. I’m curious to see which way you might choose for your location independent lifestyle!

You go for it!

xx Ilse

The Freedompreneur Coach


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