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#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box


#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box

Live your best life NOW

When I tell people we are a location independent family and/or digital nomad family (read about the difference in this blog post!) most of them think we won the lottery or something and don’t have to work anymore to support our lifestyle. Or they think we saved up a lot of money during our previous jobs and that we are on a world trip for 1 or 2 years and just live off that money.

Well, I can tell you it’s none of those. Being a location independent family is not just a temporary thing for us like a world trip, but it’s a lifestyle. And therefore, just like you would do when you live somewhere, we work to earn our money and spend (most of) it to ‘the things in life’.

In this article, I want to inspire you that don’t have to live a life ‘like everyone else is doing’ if your heart tells you differently. Because we hear this ALL THE TIME: “Oh wow such a dream life, I’m jealous! But I can’t live a location independent lifestyle like you because I have my house or my job at ‘company X’ or ‘fixed location Y’.”

Well, I’ve got news for you. We live in a digital world nowadays. And that means the world isn’t how it used to be. With the internet all around us, there are more opportunities than EVER to learn, to develop, to help others, and to create an income online because the world doesn’t have any boundaries anymore because of The Interweb.

That is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? I think it is and I love it. I’m very passionate about it and it’s one of the main reasons why I started The Freedompreneur Coach because I want more people to know about all the possibilities & opportunities out there nowadays, so everyone can live their best life.

I’d like to quote the first page of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crushing it’.
“This is dedicated to all the people who are visionary enough to recognise the enormous opportunities we’ve been given in this new digital age, and who are brave enough to demand and seek out happiness not only in their life but also in their work.”

I love this quote because it’s so so so true. And especially the end of the quote ‘seek out happiness not only in their life but also in their work’.

There are so many people stuck in their 9 to 5’s. There are so many people unhappy with their job. And there are so many people that like their job (yay, thankfully!) but would love to have WAAAAY more freedom in their life as they have now. And unfortunately, whichever category mentioned above: so many people out there truly believe that ‘THIS IS THE WAY IT IS’.

Well, you might have been brought up (by your parents but also by society!) with the idea that you have to get your college, bachelor or master’s degree, then get yourself a job and hopefully you’d like it (and your boss) and that if you don’t like it, well you’d better suck it up and be happy you even have a job.

Aaah I hate that mindset! It’s such a narrow minded belief system.

Or… even if you like your job (which I truly hope you do), what about the rest of your life? Are you really happy with working 40 hours (or more), get somewhere between 20-25 vacation days (unless you live in the USA, then you’re really screwed with an average of only 10-15 days PER YEAR!!! **rolling eyes + mouth drop**) and just work 5 days a week with 2 weekend days to spend with your friends & family until you’re in your mid sixties and then ‘really start living and do the things you’ve always wanted to do’?

Seriously…What about YOU? Your vision of life? Hobbies you want to do? Skills you want to learn? Places you want to visit? Experiences you would like to experience?

What about your FAMILY? Time with your partner and… if you have kids I assume you want to spend as much time with them as you possibly can, right? (Ps. I love being an entrepreneur, but since I became a mom 2 years ago I made some big changes in my business because family time is way more important to me than business. And the great news is, you can still make things happen when you decide to do things differently and still create a great income AND help others at the same time. #hooray

What about your IMPACT in this world? And before you roll your eyes and think, WOW Ilse, hold your horses. By IMPACT in this world, I don’t mean you have to become the next president or Mother Theresa, with your impact in this world I mean how you can help others, and I’m not talking millions or thousands of people (more then welcome if you wish!).

You can impact other peoples lives at all kind of levels, number wise but also ‘category’ wise:
– from helping others to organize their stuff at home (one on one workshop at their home) so they can live in a house where they feel at peace & happy,

– or where you impact them by offering a group class where you teach a self-defense skill that gives them more confidence & security in life,

– or what about you start helping other entrepreneurs with writing & creating content for them so they have more time to focus on other things which make them feel less stressed & busy,

– or perhaps something completely different where you develop your baking skills like a pro (hello Youtube & Google as your university!) and create an online course on how to make the perfect caramel apple (I KID YOU NOT MY FRIENDS, a business friend of mine made LOTS of money – I’m talking more than $60.000 USD when she first launched her ‘caramel candy apple course’.

Yes you go ahead, pick yourself up from the floor, get back on your seat and read that again.

So yeah. The world is your oyster. And the internet made that happen. I can go on and on about this, and I definitely will in other blogs here. But I hope you discover that because of the digital age we live in, you can design a life for yourself that makes you fulfilled in every way, and that living your life like ‘the standards’ doesn’t have to be the way it has been done the last 50-100 years.

I truly hope this blog inspires you and makes you think about things differently. Why don’t you take a piece of paper right now and write down some ideas on how your dream life would look like.

Just planting a seed here… some food for the brain. I hope you like it. Give it a thought, would you? I would love to hear from you in the comments if you got a little bit (or a lot ;-)) inspired by this and what was the one thing that you loved to read the most.

Seriously, let me know in the comments.

I’d love to connect with you.

xx Ilse The Freedompreneur Coach


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