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#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box


#7 How To Deal With ‘What Others Might Think Of You’ When You’re Stepping Outside The Box

Location independency? Let’s explain.

Hi there! Pam ta da daaaaaaa! ** Instagram sound effect** Here it is! My very first blog on The Freedompreneur Coach, about living your best (location independent) life with your family while running an online business you love. I’m so excited to have you here! So thanks for being here & welcome!

In this first blog post I want to explain what living the location independent lifestyle means. And also, I want to talk about the term ‘digital nomad’, which is often confused as if it’s the exact same thing as location independency.

So let’s clear things up, alright?

So, what does living location independent really means? And when are you a digital nomad, and when are you location independent and what’s the difference?

Let’s start with the term ‘digital nomad’.

Such a buzz word nowadays and used by lots of people, in my opinion often also in the wrong context.

Here’s what I mean: Everyone that wants to go on a longer trip and explore the world suddenly calls themselves a digital nomad ‘just because they bring their laptop with them’.

I also came across a few accounts on Instagram where people run a ‘how to become a digital nomad’ business while having a fixed home base and are only away for a couple of months per year.

And to be honest, that doesn’t do the trick for me because that’s not a nomadic life (it is a location independent one, but I’ll explain later!).

I don’t want to be a ‘Negative Nancy’ but it just explains really well how the term ‘digital nomad’ is overused and not used in the correct way in my opinion so here I am with this blog post clearing things up ;-).

Let’s check the dictionary and go back to the original definition of a nomad:

Nomadic Family_Photo by Alexis Azabache from Pexels

nomad/ˈnəʊmad/ ~ noun a member of a people that travels from place to place to find fresh pasture for its animals and has no permanent home.

That’s how it was back in the day and still is in some parts of the world! (Would love to visit a traditionally nomadic tribe by the way!).

So now let’s replace the ‘to find fresh pasture for its animals’ part for ‘freedom & an internet connection to earn a living’ and we’ve updated the term nomad up to the standards of 2020, haha!

So my definition of a ‘digital nomad’ would be; Someone without a fixed home base that moves from place to place while earning a living online.

Of course, it’s much more than that (think about all the adventures around the world, the immense feeling of freedom, etc) and the fact that being a digital nomad for some people means it’s a lifestyle (so long term) and for some, it’s just a temporary thing, but let’s just keep it short & simple for now, okay?

So what’s the difference with living location independent, you might think? Well, being location independent means you don’t rely on a location to live your life, earn your money, and do the things you like. This means you have the freedom to live & work wherever you want, whenever you want and for how long you want (visa exceptions excluded ;-)), if you have a fixed home base or not. That doesn’t matter.

So, if you have a home base somewhere and you like that and you want to keep it that way BUT you have the desire to travel more and go on adventures whenever you feel like… well then I’ve got some amazing news for you because this means you can take steps (already today!) to design your life in a way it can be a location independent one. Hooray!

If you’ve been paying attention here, you now know that when you’re a digital nomad you are location independent, but that doesn’t mean that when you’re location independent you’re a digital nomad! Got it? Great. Otherwise, here’s a quick summary:

– Digital Nomad: location independent for work & life without a fixed home base, no house to ‘return to’.

– Location independent: location independent for work & life with or without a home base.

I hope you enjoyed this first blog post! I would LOVE to hear from you. Was this useful for you? And do you dream of a location independent lifestyle now you know you don’t have to sell your house and belongings (like we did in 2018!)? Or do you dream of a nomadic lifestyle?

Anyways, with the Freedompreneur Coach I’m here for all my other mombosses out there that want to live location independent, whether that’s with or without a permanent home base.

Let me know below this post, looking forward to connect and read more about your dreams!

Ps. You’re invited to join my brand new Facebook Group for (aspiring) Location Independent Mom Bosses! Can’t wait to meet & connect with you there!

xx Ilse

The FreedomPreneur Coach 



  • Frederike Barendregt
    July 6, 2020

    Hi Ilse, first question; do you prefer to answer in English or in Dutch? Or both? Because i’m dutch so it would be easy but maybe it would be better for my English if…oh what ever😂🙈 well i didn’t know what the difference was so that is something new for me. I think we would go for a location independent with me as a mom boss👩‍🌾

    • Ilse
      Frederike Barendregt
      July 8, 2020

      Hi Frederike! I think it’s great you respond in English, because, an upcoming location independent mom boss needs to work on her English skills, right!? 🙂 I’m glad this blog post made things clear for you! I’m excited to follow your journey in becoming a freedompreneur! YAY! xx Ilse

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